Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Told You So

I told you my Rachael is creative. Here are some photos from the budding photographer. She is wanting to submit some nature photos to a kids' contest, so she took tons. I can't help but think of Hashbrowns when as I post the flowers.

These, and many more, were taken at in the garden at The Hermitage, the home of our seventh president, Andrew Jackson, near Nashville, TN.


Carrie said...

Those are great! What a great photographer!

Amy Carroll said...

I loved the pics of you. She captured your essence which can only be done by somebody who truly loves you.

Love the thought of fruit pizza on my birthday. Next year!


hashbrowns said...

I especially like the blue flower--please tell your daughter I think the pictures are beautiful, Sylvia. And thanks for the honorable mention :)