Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank You for the Snow! Really?

Walking and praying this morning in the blizzard (or it might have been flurries....hard to tell the difference at this point,) I joined the symphony (well, maybe cacophony) of grumbling people who are tired of cold and snow. My attitude when I stepped out the door was, "Uugghh! I'm so ready for some sunshine and warmth!"

Usually my prayer walk is my time to pour out my heart to God. Then I come back to my house and read His Word to listen to Him speak to me. But since I have learned to be open to God speaking whenever He chooses, I was also listening. Good thing, too, or I might have missed what He was saying during my walk.

"Thank Me for the snow." I think I giggled out loud. At least He wasn't telling me that I'm going to be pregnant when I'm almost 50, truly something I would want to thank Him for. "Thank me for the snow." OK, God, you don't have to tell me twice....well, then again, obviously He does.

"Thank You for the snow," I said aloud. (Actually all my prayers when I am walking are said aloud....keeps me focused.) My giggles waned, but a huge smile jumped on board.

I'm smiling because I'm hearing His voice. It doesn't matter that He's asking something I don't particularly feel like doing. I don't want to be like the kid who thinks, "You can make me say it, but you can't make me mean it."

I want to thank Him gladly because I love my Father and I am thankful that He cares enough about me to speak to me, to refine me. He cares enough to ask me to be thankful for the snow and the sunshine, the births and the deaths, the good times and the hard times, in plenty and in want.

I Thes. 5.16-18 Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Thank you, God, for the snow. Really!

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Wendy Blight said...


How I needed to hear your words today. Although I am in Charlotte and not the Northeast, I am SO tired of our below normal cold temperatures, snow, ice, and rain. The past few weeks I have found myself complaining day after day how cold I am. Your words remind me to listen to my thankful I am protected from the cold in my nice warm house...thankful for the most blanket of snow he dropped on our city a few weeks ago - so beautiful that when I woke up and walked outside it took my breath away. Thank you, sweet friend, for lifting my eyes off of me and up to my heavenly Father.