Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Few Steps

As a somewhat bright, but very timid second-grader, I sat firmly glued to my seat. Having already figured out the riddle, I jittered inside at the thought of approaching Mrs. Miller’s desk to tell her the answer. The answer….which would come with the benefit of a special surprise. The answer….I knew it….all I had to do was take a few steps.

Hesitation. For what seemed like an hour. Then none of it mattered anymore. Sweet little blonde haired Kim went forward and whispered the answer to the teacher. I watched, disappointed in myself, as Mrs. Miller gave Kim the nickel.

Don’t laugh. Back in 1969, five cents bought a full-sized candy bar from the snack cart! And that was a rare treat for a little girl who lived up the “holler.” Taking those few small steps would have made a difference, if only in a small way in my life for that day, but still a difference. That small loss that day taught me a monumental lesson.

Fast forward to 2010. I’m still (debatably) somewhat bright. I am still a little timid, but nothing like the paralyzing shyness in second grade. I might get jittery if I was asked to approach someone in a higher position. But now I know that if I don’t act, I will lose the candy bar.

It was just a couple of months ago that my husband, Mike, and I were having a conversation lamenting the state of politics in general in our country. We think of ourselves as politically informed, but we haven’t been politically active for a long time.

During that discussion, we each decided that even though we don’t know what we can do, we need to do something, take a step or two, however small, to make a difference.

Will it be a phone call? Will it be a knock on a door? Will it be a financial investment? Will it be consistent prayer for those who govern? Will it be some out-of-the-box action? Will it be….? I don’t know which direction my steps will take, but I do know I will take a step.

I’ll walk to the teacher’s desk and share the answer. I’ll seek direction from God, because I don’t want to take a step in any direction which He does not lead.

Psalm 119.05 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

After all, it’s not a candy bar at stake this time. And the prize won’t be just for myself. It’s our country that needs involved citizens. My children and grandchildren will benefit from my efforts.

That five cent candy bar I missed out on in second grade now costs 99 cents and I’d probably be bold in going for it, but America is way more valuable, definitely worth me taking a few small steps.

(This is the first in a series that will be posted on the blog at the website
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hashbrowns said...

I'm interested to see what comes next, dear friend... and I'm going to try using "holler" in my conversations now... when we sit with coffee between us, will you explain the right usage of that one to me? I'm giddy to try it out...